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Default Re: Assume sound quality is equal: Digital or Analog?

No problem or preference with either, the resulting sound is what's important and digital has come a long way since its relatively brittle roots a few decades ago. Mics, rooms, and mic preamps make more of a difference than ever now. Al's new tracks are all digital, but have the sound we had for our first several albums, which were all recorded and mixed to tape. Of course, the advantages of production and mixing in ProTools (or DP, Logic, Sonar, etc) cannot be denied. Even if somebody wants to track to tape, it's dumped to digital before much else will happen.

And that's another thing... it's all digital, isn't. Record all you want in the analog domain, transfer it at 24/192 for integrity, and in the end it becomes a CD at 16/44.1 anyway. Or worse and more common, a streamable/downloadable format.

But back to the sound... if done right, there doesn't have to be a difference. And if done wrong, neither format is very forgiving.

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