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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Age? 59
How long have you been playing? That story will follow this interrogation. :)
Origin of user name? Chipotle powder, good on almost anything.
Your top 5 drummers? Tony Williams, Levon Helm, Elvin Jones, B.J. Wilson
Make of drum kit? Yamaha DTX 530
Make of cymbal? ditto
Where do you practice? home
Are you in a band? no

Favourite take out food? Big W's ribs
What country do you live in? USA
One really odd fact about yourself? I seem to have gravitated towards ridiculously time consuming interests. Golf, 3D animation, Drums
How did you start drumming? I hung out with some musicians and started mucking about with the drum kit.

Started playing drums while in high school (1969 or so). I tired of smoke filled bars in the mid 80's and sold my kit, got a day job and took up golf. Unless you were gigging back in the day you don't know how lucky you are that most (if not all) gigs are now in a smoke free environment. After twenty some years drum patterns still run thru my head and now at 59 I've decided drums might be a good Winter time activity. Cutting firewood and shoveling snow is ok but it seems like the time is right to start playing again. Though golf will take precedence during the season I'm sure I can find time for both.

In my current living situation electronic drums are the only way to go so last week I tried some out and bought the first pair of sticks I've had in decades. My Yamaha DTX530's will be here this week.

I can't believe how inept my hands are. If it's like riding a bike, I better not try riding a bike for I'ld surely kill myself.

So now along with golf related exercises I have drum related exercises. I've seen a few threads in these forums about folks wondering if they're too old to take up drums. I wouldn't worry about it. Just enjoy the ride, the crash and the hi-hats etc.
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