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Default Re: Assume sound quality is equal: Digital or Analog?

Originally Posted by denjay View Post
I'm in a band with some friends and one of them is extremely pro-analog. Not necessarily for the sound quality but for the concept of analog
Following on from something that was alluded to earlier in this thread - one of my considerations would be for whom the recording in question is intended. I mean, if one is making a recording for personal amusement where time and money is no object and the finished product will be pressed onto a vinyl LP and played exclusively to me and my band mates on a high-end record player through big floor-standing speakers then yeah - old-school all the way.

On the other hand if you have a limited budget and anticipate the majority of your audience listening to your recordings through tiny ear-bud headphones connected to an mp3 player then time and money spent on analogue mics, pre-amps, desks, tape reorders, and the rest of it would seem a little superfluous wouldn't it?
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