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Default Re: Assume sound quality is equal: Digital or Analog?

Analog is cool if you didn't know any other way of working. Once you start working, if an easier way came up to be able to do it, you would.

Your statement was if "all things were equal", then they'd be equal. The question is how you work within each mediums' parameters.

I know an older gentleman who was an analog synthesist pioneer in the 60s and actually produced the music for Disney's Electrical Parade which debuted in 1972, and we were talking about digital, and he asked me, "would you go back to analog after knowing what you know now?" And the answer was "of course not". He's always looking for newer better ways to do things, and the man has done them. Les Paul said it too to a group of engineers at an audio convention: "You'd think with all those bald heads out there you'd come up with a better way to record and reproduce sound than by dragging a diamond needle in vinyl grooves or running rust over a metal head". And he was right.

Obviously, the op owns a computer. I'm wondering if you partake of the joys of downloading music and carrying all your library in an iPod (or something similar) - or better - you have all of it on your phone. If you are going to commit to analog, I think you should do it all the way ;)
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