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Default Pedal ranking - Light to Heavy Feel

Thought this could be an interesting ranking of pedals just in terms of how heavy or light they "feel", independent of spring tension and other factors.

Hope that makes sense to people, though I should underline the fact that I only have experience with Pearl Eliminators and I'm on the lookout for a new pedal. But based on my limited experience with pedals, this is how I would order them:

From light to heavy:
Axis AL-2
Pearl Demon Drive
Tama Speed Cobra
Pearl Eliminator
Tama Iron Cobra

Really looking forward to re-arranging and expanding this list. I'm sure more experience people will be able to correct any errors I've made in the ranking or add more pedals.

Once again, I apologise for the lack of objectivity in this kind of ranking. A lot of my assumptions are based on reviews, rather than concrete evidence.

I'm hoping as more people refine the list, we can come up with something that will be reliable.


- Reggae Mangle
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