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Default Assume sound quality is equal: Digital or Analog?

Some people are more sticklers about this than others and I was just wondering what other people's opinions on this were. I'm in a band with some friends and one of them is extremely pro-analog. Not necessarily for the sound quality but for the concept of analog. With digital sound is recorded as discrete 1's and 0's then reproduced. This can be interpreted as "fake" audio. Analog converts one type of waveform to another.

A way to think about this is in terms of energy. With analog, vibrations are converted to electrical waves then pressure waves (sound); there's a continuum of energy here. With digital, vibrations are converted to electrical waves and then digitized. Then the digitization is reproduced into electrical then pressure waves (sound). There seems to be this "interruption" of energy.

I'm somewhat convinced that analog seems to be the "purer" type of sound and digital is somehow "fake". I don't really have the confidence to use those words without quotations so I'm on the edge of the argument. I'm trying to convince myself that digital isn't "fake" but I can't seem to do that.

Which do you prefer and why assuming equal sound quality (ie. highest fidelity equipment known to man for each)?
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