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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hi Todd,

I am an old drummer and I always thought I would never live to see anyone in Buddy Rich's league technically and stylistically. However, in my humble opinion, you are in his league and probably the best drummer in the world at this time. There are plenty of drummers who can play fast, but don't know how to apply it stylistically. When I listen to you play with Styx, you stay true to the original recordings, while at the same time playing creatively within those style boundaries.

I want to commend you for being so accessible to your fans and drummers in general through clinics and electronically through your website and this forum.

Can you provide your future clinic schedule, as I am sure that everyone who can would love to attend them? I hope you can do some clinics in Texas as I live right up I35 and would love to see you come to the metroplex.



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