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Default Re: Rip This Apart - Piano Improvisation

OK I'll play. Listening as I type. ...I can only say how it makes me feel...which is introspective...perhaps a tad sad, some dissonant notes create an unresolved feeling, very effective. All in all it evoked a fairly melancholy feeling. I think that any piece that evokes emotion is a "success" as music. I get the feeling that something heavy is on your mind while playing this, and you use the keyboard as a porthole to peer into what is going on inside you emotionally. It definitely did not invoke a light hearted happy feel. To me, it's more like a feeling that life has deposited unwanted things to be dealt with and that this particular music is a response to things that aren't necessarily the way you want them, an unwanted/unhappy acceptance of situations.

I wonder if this interpretation is a surprise to you or if it is in line with what was going through your head when playing this.
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