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Default Rip This Apart - Piano Improvisation

I mentioned in another thread that I sometimes played the Piano and improvise. I recorded this for Grea, really but thought it might be worth sharing. My playing is very limited (I haven't played seriously in about fourteen years) but my naïvety on the instrument sometimes produces (allegedly) 'interesting' results. I listen to a lot of Piano music - mainly Messiaen - and sometimes steal motifs and work around those. This particular improvisation is based on a theme from Schoenberg's 'Drei Klavierstücke', specifically the second piece of three.

I quite literally threw up a couple of microphones on the family Piano (a nice Yamaha model), hit 'record' and played the first thing that came into my head so it's a little rough around the edges.

Now feel free to rip this apart. If anybody wants to ask about the microphones, etc. I'm more than happy to answer the questions but there really isn't much to talk about there I'm afraid.
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