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Default Re: Sampler with octopus-like trigger pads?

I've never used traditional triggers for acoustics such as this before...

... and I have a question for someone who has. How sensitive are those things? Could I use all 6 external trigger outputs on the SPD-SX (which just arrived, I'm still just loading it with sounds) to snake to a one foot long wooden board with 6 of these smaller acoustic triggers mounted on it? If I set all the pads to have no dynamic sensitivity, can I count on them to operate like hitting a button with the hand? I'm thinking I might ask our singer to do some of the sample triggers herself, by simply holding the board (or whatever) and whacking the triggers with her hand at the right times.

Are those acoustic triggers way to sensitive for this kind of approach? Presumably there will be plenty of shaking from other instruments, as well as her dropping or setting this theoretical gizmo on the floor. And it wouldn't do to have a bunch random samples going off at the wrong time.
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