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Default Re: Evans new Level 360 drum heads

It seems to me that the new Evans technology got their drum head hoops to lay flat, lol. A lot of the video is targeted to the players that have difficulties tuning their drums. The paraphrased comment, because I couldn't quit make out a few of his words, "we just want to play drums, we don't want to have to tune them", comment will impress these people. Just like a friend of mine who was through the Evans plant less than a year ago said to me, they're always experimenting with something, which is great, but how many variations of these un-marked experiments are already out there sitting on shelves? The heads that I'm using now, both Evans and Remo fit well on all my kits and can spin freely on a few, especially my Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute. I definitely don't need a head on those drums that fit any looser than what I'm already using.

It sounds like a fix that might help a few, especially if they don't like all that tuning bull****, lol.

I'll try them when they're on the shelves because I'll have no other choice if I want to remain predominately with Evans especially if they use this new process on all their future drum heads. I would very much like to see and hear a more consistent version of their G2 clear and coated heads so that less dead heads make it into my hands. It has already been stated by an Evans rep that this is a "static" problem. There you go a real problem to feast on.

If this newest improvement serves us all positively in some way, then all well and good for their initiative.

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