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Default Re: Another new (to the site) old guy( that old??)

Originally Posted by double trouble View Post
I'm new here and 57 years old. It's great to be this age for me because I play for the enjoyment of drumming and not trying to be "somebody". I started at age 12 when my clarinet was left on my chair too much and our band teacher said "You might as well be a drummer, since you spend so much time playing with the drums".
I'm lucky to have a background in a wide variety of music styles and after not playing fo the last 15 years I'm back playing at church with a bunch of youngsters and having fun. I play Roland V drums at church and practice on a 5 piece set of Ego drums that belong to the church. I have quite a bit of vintage drum stuff in varying condition but would like to restore my early 70's Slingerland 5 piece kit that I got at Weaver Music in Michigan brand new. They are PURPLE!
I have them apart and will get them back together a little at a time as I find parts and pieces.
Old? Body yes, brain? No!
Welcome! I'd like to see those old Slingerlands in purple. Those were my first proper drums my parents started me on back in 1976, so I have a soft spot for things Slingerland ;)
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