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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

I'm happy to have this site for an old guy getting back into drumming.

My real Name; Dan Reaume
Age; 57
How long have you been playing? I started in grade school at age 11 after the clarinet wasn't working out.
Origin of user name; I'm a drag racer and was part of a 2 car team "double trouble"
Your top 5 drummers; Ginger Baker, Keith Moon, Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Steve Smith
Make of drum kit; Slingerland
Make of cymbal; Zildgian
Where do you practice?; at home in the man cave
Are you in a band?; I play in worship at church
Do you play covers or originals?; Both
What style of music?; Contemporary Christian
Favorite take out food; anything free
What country do you live in?; USA in the Southwest
Relly odd fact about yourself; I'm left handed but learned to play right handed. I played in rock bands around Detroit, MI and the downriver in the mid '70's and at the same time played with my uncle Oscar at weddings and parties playing polkas, square dances, you name it! I moved to Arizona in 1980 and got into church and played with 3 different bands before losing 1/2 of my kit to theft. I went back to michigan to salvage what I had left behind and have 3 pieces of my Slingerland 5 piece purple kit from about 1971, an older WMP 16" floor tom, and a couple of other drums and pieces.
I've been out of music since 1992 and last year got involved at a new church and play in worship and I have a new desire to play and learn.

I'm glad to have a forum like this to get a world of knowledge from all of you on the forum.
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