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Originally Posted by pcmckay
Alex V. is one of the most underated rock drummers ever. I have always enjoyed listening to VH. I feel Alex was very innovative and fit their music perfectly. I definately prefer VH with David Lee Roth instead of Sammy. They became a different band with Hagar, but not a better one. I have been listening to VH since 1978, and one of my favorite Alex tracks is " Loss of Control" on "Women and Children First." Great double bass work here!
I agree. "Im the One" from VH1 is also a great one w/double bass. Obviously not as popular w/out that H.F.T. drum intro.
Alex is without a doubt one of my biggest influences ( # 3 ) in my playing. VH2 had "Light up the Sky" w/that cool drum break. Plus "Outta love Again". Very cool beat, rock/funky and fun to play. W. & C. First w/ "Loss of Control" is another good display of great Alex.
Fair Warning had "Sinners Swing". Another good one. That album had very different drums in each song. Diver down was a good drum album. 1984, "Girl gone Bad" of course "H.F.T. 5150 w "Dreams". I still cant get that fill at the intro of the guitar solo. Close though. OU812 "Finish what ya Started" Again very fun to play. Remember "Just cause its not fast does not mean its not good".
Anyway just my thoughts. Great drumming. Alot of cool beats and fills w/out over doing it
Gotta love him!.
And dont forget that..." Big bad Bill is sweet William Now!.......................HA, HA, HA......

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