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Default Re: Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

Originally Posted by jeff_r0x View Post
Longgun, I simply love the UFIPs.

First off, the 21" Bionic Heavy Ride has lots of stick definition. I used it to replace my 21" Sabian AA Rock Ride, which is certainly not a slouch of a cymbal. The UFIP is more controlled than the Sabian and doesn't wash as much. You can wash ride on it, it's just that the sound doesn't linger long when you do. I kind of wonder if the medium weight Bionic Ride would give more wash if you wanted that. The unlathed bell on the UFIP is insane. I almost think I'm riding on one of those little ice bells. I feel guilt because I want to ride the bell all of the time. That's not to say that the rest of the cymbal doesn't work because it's awesome.

I surprisingly like the 10" Bionic splash more than I thought at first. I was a bit hesitant at the deal because the Bionic splash is a bit heavier than the others. In musical context however, I am very pleased. It sounds perfect.

The 17" Bionic crash that sits beneath the splash is the newest one. This is the only one that has taken some getting used to. I just purchased it and still have the bag it came in, but it is a pre-2012 model, which are a little thicker than the new, revamped ones with the blue label. Even though it is approx. 95 grams lighter than the Z3 Medium crash of the same size that it replaced, it is still slightly thicker per diameter than my 18 and 20 A. Zildjians that surround it. It has a beautiful, darker, smokey sound, but I am still deciding whether it really fits with the rest of the kit. I was quite pleasantly surprised at what it had to offer when I recorded my practice session a couple of nights ago with just an overhead room mic. Will I keep it and get more Bionic crashes? Not sure yet. I might look at the Bell crashes from the Experience line or Class or Rough Series crashes.
Thanks..........I've seen some guys using them, just never had my hands on any yet..........going to check some out soon.
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