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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Yes, there might be better drummers technically speaking nowadays. There might be better/faster drummers (you know, they use double bass technique and such thing...), they might have better chops, but there's one reason for me to always, and I mean always turn automatically back to those Buddy videos... there's no video I see the most than that "channel one" video on here... that's sooo beautiful... the dynamics, the acents he put so delicate to the notes... the sheer creativity and spontaneous combinations and the order he gave to each sequence of notes and the conjunction of the whole thing put together... the total stick control, hiper fast hands, amazing, and I really mean AMAZING cymbal work, there's nothing better than it. Nothing. No pure-chops guy can make me wanna see his videos every single day of my life, and that's exactly the kind of "full-realised-pleasure" I only get when viewing/witnessing/listening to Mr. Buddy Rich. And he did all that with just a simple, basic/classic 9-piece (or something as small) kit...

I'm kind of a newbie to the real quality drummers (not much time has passed since I've discovered guys like Vinnie Colaiuta and Buddy Rich, but I'm really glad I did. They've changed my life forEVER... now I can apreciate the drums exactly (or even more) like I do when listening/watching to a a violin virtuose, the drums can transmit so many distinct sounds and feelings when on the right hands, they really amaze me "now" (more than ever).

Thank you, Mr. Buddy Rich. As much cheezy and corny as it may sound. Indeed.

- Ivo.
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