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Originally Posted by uniongoon View Post
This one has been a horrendously long build. It is what I am now 95% certain is Bloodwood. Super hard, sinks like a rock in water. I sprayed the clear, hand wet sanded through all the grits and polished it 3 times. It is a 5.75 X 14 and is about 5/16th of an inch thick. It has all brass plated hardware and pure sound blaster wires. I also re did the edges and bed a couple times, and now it still does not play up to my high standards. The snare response is a little hard, sounds good but not great. So I may tear it down and do a little more tweaking. The dual custom vents give it some good volume, as well as the hard wood shell. Lots of resononant ring. Let me know if the picture sucks, I used my IPad, which does not take good pictures. No stain or colour, just clear 2 part DuPont Urethane.
Bloodwood! Even the name is insane. Not many woods sink in water - this has some serious attitude. Looks as good as any stained drum except it is not stained!
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