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Default Re: How do I connect V-Drums to computer by MIDI

Originally Posted by Akuma View Post
I am confused.

I've read posts saying that I can record MIDI using the samples that is already inside the TD4 so that I don't need VSTs.

I want to be able to record me playing the drums to the PC. That's what I want nothing else. When I use the audio-port it sounds like garbage.
You need a decent audio interface with the l and r outputs (on the e kit) connected out to inputs on the audio interface.

Are you just using the audio jack on your computer to record into? Then it will most likely sound bad. Built in audio jacks are for headphones really. They aren't much use for recording. You need a decent interface for that. Something like an M Audio Fast track pro, which is very popular, good quality and inexpensive.
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