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Nutha Jason- Thanks for summing it up so well and eloquently as par usual for you- You will all notice I didn't say it was impossible to be either Elvin or Buddy, just extremely difficult and very, very, very few people have figured it out. Not even ones who have studied said drummer intensely for two decades or more (Froman). I'm sure it can be done by someone though.
I am in no way comparing them to Bonzo in terms of greatness. I have said this numerous times. I don't want to have that argument because it's not fair to either three of them. Apples and oranges and mangos. However, I can compare individual difficulty of learning their styles. I think. I love all three of them. Elvin the most, Bonzo close to that, Buddy Rich a little further down the list. So, I think the hyper-bonzoites perhaps need to chill a little bit and think about this rationally and logically- you'll pretty much realise that I'm right once you do.

Edit: bonhamtothemoon- You are DEFINETLY right about that. John Bohnam had a signature sound and style that was unique, original, entertaining and a joy to listen to. It's why I , among MANY others (including yourselves) gravitate to him so much for rock drumming. I don't think I ever called into question his greatness. You shouldn't feel a need to defend him. Just because I said that Elvin and Buddy were harder to imitate doesn't mean that Bohnam isn't awesome too. For another example, Tony Williams, Dennis Chambers and Billy Cobham are easier to imitate than Elvin Jones or Buddy. Elvin for his time concept, Buddy for pure fire. You'll notice my favorite drummer in the whole wide world is Tony Williams. In other words, this is no strike against John Bohnam. In terms of style, look at the company that he's in, in terms of learning difficulty, right? Get what I'm saying?
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