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Default Re: Should drummers call themselves musicians?

Originally Posted by Anduin View Post
You had me up ítil that bit. For your consideration, I offer any keen kid beginning to learn to play the violin. Music? Not so much, I would suggest.
It depends. If the child is attempting to play a song then it's music - just music that's played without much understanding or physical control.

Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
But what about some "drummers" who don't have any "musical" background, they don't know and don't understand note value, time signature, rudiments or the application of the sol-fa syllables to a musical scale or to a melody, they can only "bash" the drums , but they can't discuss or explain anything about music, technically, harmonically or melodically, are they still called "musicians"? I'm not talking about beginners, some drummers have been playing like that for years, and although they're obviously not professional they still gig around locally.
You already know the answer, Henri, but I'll pretend you don't :)

That, of course, is what Larry was talking about at the open jam nights. Really, there's nothing great about being a musician since a hack is still a musician - a hack musician as opposed to a hack golfer (who is still a golfer) or a hack painter (who is still a painter).

As DocWat said, there are some pretty poor guitar, bass and vocalising hacks out there too. Whatever, people find their own level and have fun with that. I see no reason to insult them by claiming that what they do doesn't exist - if we don't like it we can always just "change the channel".