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Default Re: Should drummers call themselves musicians?

Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post

I was only imaging your post Andy, you called Doc a "naughty girl", lol ... for me it was enough to get to the drawing board :)
& a very funny 'toon it is too :)

Re: the OP's question: Along with the singer, if we screw up (& I mean just missing one backbeat), the audience notices much more than minor screwups from other musicians in the band. Us getting our job done, is probably more taken for granted than with other players. If a singer nails that note, if a guitarist nails that solo, they attract far more praise than the drummer who nails the groove.

Another "reason" for the devaluation of our role, is that most non musos, & some musos too, think they can play drums. I mean, "how hard can it be" eh?