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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Bick, anecdotally I'd have to agree. I've met a lot more men who are passionate about the arts than women - no doubt a big reason why I'm hanging out with you guys online rather than female musicians (the few of us - Mary, Caz etc excepted).

You may have a point about those with more rounded priorities having the benefit of a clear third person standpoint. However, I'm hardly in a position to comment :)

As for TLC, she sure is one out of the box - but then again players like Steve Gadd and Roy Haynes can also play with that kind of dexterity and sensitivity.

Ha! I felt that if I didn't mention you and Disney, then someone would pipe up about it. You actually have a nice face, far from ugly ... if you're fishing for compliments, consider this a bite :)

Thanks Bruce. After 4 months that vid now has over 200 views - clearly due to my oestrogenic lure!
I am not fishing for compliments on my looks. That's not the important thing. Personally I think it's harder to be attractive - you're busy looking good as opposed to being busy playing well ;)
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