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Originally Posted by BickDutt View Post
So they make the trivialities of life such as violence and art take a step back in their priorities.

That said, I believe they have higher potential. I've yet to hear a modern male drummer play with as much finesse, dynamic flair and rudimental control as Terry-Lynne Carrington.
Bick, anecdotally I'd have to agree. I've met a lot more men who are passionate about the arts than women - no doubt a big reason why I'm hanging out with you guys online rather than female musicians (the few of us - Mary, Caz etc excepted).

You may have a point about those with more rounded priorities having the benefit of a clear third person standpoint. However, I'm hardly in a position to comment :)

As for TLC, she sure is one out of the box - but then again players like Steve Gadd and Roy Haynes can also play with that kind of dexterity and sensitivity.

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Well, just to point it out that the only reason I got this gig is because you couldn't have taller people doing it. And it doesn't matter that I'm ugly - nobody sees me. But the other girls are pretty, for drummers....

But thanks for trying to make me feel better ;)
Ha! I felt that if I didn't mention you and Disney, then someone would pipe up about it. You actually have a nice face, far from ugly ... if you're fishing for compliments, consider this a bite :)

Originally Posted by Bruce M. Thomson View Post
Make that 20! I enjoyed that as well as the Lark Tongues in Aspic cover and will check out the others (at home since I am at work).
Thanks Bruce. After 4 months that vid now has over 200 views - clearly due to my oestrogenic lure!


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