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Default Re: Should drummers call themselves musicians?

Drummers are musicians, but most players of instruments are not.

While guitar players "grow on trees", drummers are few and far between, but the percentage of decent drum players is probably about the same as on other instruments.

As a guitar player in the countryside of a small country I know far to well how hard it is to find any drummer to begin with and having to put up with someone who simple doesn't cut it. Basic music and listening skills are the usual problem. Enjoy the 5 minute, one dynamic money beat song with strange tempo variations.

A drummer who approaches playing music and songs with the same intention as other musicians is a musicians. If not, to me, he's just someone who hits drums.

I don't know if there are translations in other countries, but here in Norway it's become sort of a common dexcription to differentiate between the hitting drummer and the playing drummer, which offcourse means different things to different people.

The drums are also different enough from other instruments that it's really hard for other musicians to appreciate what's truly involved. It's simply a matter of "Does he/she feel good to play with?", with no deeper understanding at all like they can have with other tonal instruments.

So the comments seem to partly be based on bad experiences with drummers musicians find it hard to create music with and partly based on the fact that other musicians are unable to look at musical challenges from the drummers perspective.

Offcourse, at the higher levels of musicianship there shouldn't really be much of a difference at all.
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