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Default Re: Should drummers call themselves musicians?

When I was 12, my uncle, who played in big bands and jazz combos in the 30's and 40's, told me straight off that drums are a musical instrument and are to be treated as such. Then, very sternly, he told me that there was only one way to correctly learn to play the drums, and that was what I was about to learn. After that I would be free to go play whatever form of music I wanted. Four years later when the Beatles came out, he liked to say to me that the drummer for the Tonight Show orchestra could come down and play what the Beatles drummer was playing, but the Beatles drummer couldn't go up there and play what the Tonight Show drummer was playing. He wanted me to be ready and able to play any form of music I wanted. If some kid is just bashing away to the Dead Rat record or something, maybe it isn't musical, I don't know, debatable; perhaps just a lower level of musicianship. In some instances, there is something to be said for primitive.