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Default Re: Should drummers call themselves musicians?

I personally break anyone who plays a drum into 4 categories.

Level 0 - Has no experience and either makes a fool of themselves or play something cool that wouldn't fit in a band setting.

Level 1 - Has basic understanding of beats, fills and is focused on the mechanics of drumming. Not very good to listen to and most people at this level sound similar. I would happily call this person a drummer.

Level 2 - Solid understanding of instrument and focus is moved on to dynamics and groove. I consider this level a musician because you are focusing on the music instead of just trying to make it through.

Level 3 - The artist, trying to actually say something using drums as the medium. These are the people that influence us and make us think about the music.

I also apply this to all instruments, it makes it easier for me to audition/ share info. I consider myself Level 2, but I'm working towards 3, I think.

So where are you at, n00b, drummer, musician, or artist? You determine your own limits.
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