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Default Re: Should drummers call themselves musicians?

There was a time when drummers were not considered musicians. If you had a six piece band, you were labeled as a five piece band and a drummer. It wasn't 'till around the later 50s I think that drummers being considered as musicians was taken seriously by anyone - and it still isn't to a majority of people.

It's bad drummers that promote a lack of faith in an instrument. The guys who whale on their drums and try to drown out everyone on stage, speed up and slow down the tempo, and whatever else you can think of that a good drummer should NOT be doing.

The drums are musical - just like a guitar, you can play a drum soft and quiet and mellow, or you can play it loud and harsh. Drummers are the real unsung heroes of the band because when something goes wrong, we're the first ones to be blamed, but when the performance goes well, the other musicians get all the credit.

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