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Default Re: Vic Grip Versus Zildjian Dip

Originally Posted by JakkP View Post
Ive been using Vic Firth 5ANVG for the past few months now and I love them, but ive been considering trying out some other grip sticks. I recently seen that Zildjian make sticks with black grip and I was wondering about the quality of them, and of Zildjian sticks in general. Seeing as theyre obviously primarily cymbal manufacturers.
Any opinions on Zildjian sticks, particularly the dip sticks, and their comparison to Vic Firth?
I have played both Zildjian and VF and tried both the Zildjian Dip and the VF Grip. As far as just the sticks go, I prefer Vic. The Zildjian sticks seem to be of a softer sort of hickory that just whittles itself away so fast.

As for the grips -- I CANNOT play with Zildjian Dip. For whatever reason, the rubber or latex or whatever is not as firmly bonded to the wood as Vic Grip. It tends to wear loose at friction points, and then I invariably develop blisters at those points. I have tried them at various stages over the years, including after Zildjian bought VF, and still no improvement. I would sooner play with a pair of pencils than with Zildjian Dip sticks ever again.

As far as Vic Grip -- as far as I'm concerned, Vic Grip is what Zildjian Dip should have been and never was. The dip stays on the stick, does not loosen or bubble, does not create friction, and actually helps to grip the stick. It's not tacky, it doesn't change the sound of the stick, and reacts well to sweat. In fact, I'm probably going to pick up another brick of Vic Gripped X5Bs this week at Donn Bennett's.

It is my FERVENT hope that Zildjian leaves Vic Grip alone and doesn't try to make it more like Dip -- because Vic Grip is tons better. If they nerf it down, I'll probably jump ship. As of right now, though, it's my keeper stick.
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