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Default Re: Some Ludwig porn

Originally Posted by Muckster View Post
Hmmmmm..........Only 14" hi hats?
Yeah, musically the 14s were better for the gig I just did this past weekend. So I think I struck a compromise and bought a pair of 15" New Beats the other day that I'll start using. With the thin top and medium thin bottom of the New Beats, they'll probably slosh pretty good while being small enough for me to control for fast jazz stuff. Funny that I think 15" New Beats will be small enough ;)

Unless I want to force the music to like my 17" hats. Not sure yet. But playing fast jazz with songs like "Too Darn Hot" or "Ya' Gotta Try" the 17s definitely play sluggish, or I may not be used to moving that much mass that quickly. I'll woodshed a bit and see what happens.

I would prefer the 17s all the time, but the music just called for something else.
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