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Default Some Ludwig porn

OK. I finally got my player's zeppelin/rich kit dialed in after a strenuous concert weekend breaking them into live performance over three days. When I got them home, I set them back up in my practice room and this time set-up some flashes for some proper photography of the kit.

As you can see, the kit looks more vintage with the new Ludwig flat base cymbal stands, and I got smaller Yamaha single braced snare stands for the snare and tom. The only things that remain heavy on the kit are the hi-hat stand and the throne. I like solid thrones, and I want my hi-hats to stay in one place.

The last picture is what the kit looks like when I put it in "Sonor Safari" mode. Probably the way I'll play it most of the time. Do note the matching b/o badge Supra from the same era as the rest of the kit - that took some time to find without spending an arm and a leg!


Drums: Ludwig 6-ply maple
6.5x14 Supraphonic

Cymbals: Zildjian A and K
14" A Quick Beats (soon to be 15" New Beats in a week or so)
17" & 18" A Thin Crashes
24" K Light Ride

Pedals: Tama
Hardware: Yamaha & Ludwig
Throne: DW 9100 with Roc n Soc top
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