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I've always interpreted that during the solo section, they play the B section 2 additional times. I don't think it's random, but it's definitely different than during the head.
I'm sure when we play it for the gig the band will just play the head least I hope...hahaha.....not too worried about it

yeah that is totally what they are doing....riding the B 2 extra times .....thanks 8

but it seems that in Miles first chorus they don't hit the 3/ I losing my mind ?

I found this great live version

very interesting what they do to the form....I love it

it seems in this version under solos they play 6 measures of 3/4 and just 2 measures of 4/4 in the B .

I for the life of me cannot make sense of the form change and when the B hits under the solos

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