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The singer picked me up in the end after I couldn't drive myself. Getting your numberplates nicked isn't exactly the crime of the century but they're sending forensics down tomorrow afternoon so I'm not touching the car until they've been. Presumably the people that took the plates had a car identical or similar to mine so it probably links in with reports of a stolen car. My car would be pretty difficult to steal - I've seen the AA try to get in without the keys and it took half an hour, so it's probably also linked to a burglary.

The singer and I managed about two hundred yards before we had a huge skid and did about two miles before we called it quits and bailed out of the band practice. None of the roads had been gritted, despite Kent Council saying otherwise (in fact, we know the councillor that declared that the roads had all been gritted on TV - hilarious) so I look forward to having the folks around for the next few days unable to get to work. This is despite the fact that all of us are actually capable of driving in snow - unlike the majority of this wretched population.
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