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Originally Posted by toddbishop View Post
Um, no, Jas, that is not “sexism at it's worst” in any sense of the meaning of either word. That is actually nothing. The fact that you are so outraged over nothing simply because this gender element has it's hooks in you is telling.

You're going to have to excuse me now, because I have to go teach music to a couple of young women. You need to grow up, man up, and learn a little something about sexism, and why it's bad.
It is bad when people defend its use.

I dislike sexism in the military.

I dislike sexism in sports.

I dislike sexism in just about anything. But that doesn't change its presence. I have taken my stand against sexism (in more important arenas than music). Have you? You should not make false assumptions.

I believe in striving for equality.

I have learned something, since this discussion began - I've learned my belief that there are most likely more promoters attempting to gain from marketing a female drummer, than females who want to be recognized on their own ability (let's say for each female drummer, there are two or more people who want her to be seen being successful).

To clarify - Let's take a woman drummer, content with her abilities, wants to be seen as a peer among the crowd, but is marketed as 'best girl drummer'. The bar is lowered. Why? Because the promoter added the qualifier. Why not just say - "best drummer"?

I'm actually outraged that some try to dismiss my observations as false, or wrong. I'm not outraged at all about women who promote their sexuality to gain an advantage. That is called life. I'm outraged by the many that are either blind to it, or part of it.

If you think I'm outraged by a girl titling her own youtube video, you are sadly mistaken (yet, another false assumption).

And if I mentally lowered the standard, wouldn't that mean I'm giving more chances to succeed? What you are suggesting is very backwards from my position, and you are appearing quite hypocritical (calling me patronizing, then speaking condescendingly to me).

I see you side stepped all of my points. I hope you're not afraid to address them.

For reference: See Danica Patrick vs Ryan Newman, regarding sponsorship. (I do expect most here to dismiss the NASCAR reference, even though most know who she is, and why I'm referencing this). I'm almost positive Danica does NOT want to be recognized as the best female driver in motorsports, but rather a good driver among peers (and maybe perhaps a Champion). Does Godaddy believe the same? I don't think so. They want to cash in on her TV time. Is the bar lower for her? The way they talk about her coming in 20th as a success, there may be a correlation. Motorsports is predominantly male. Drumming is predominantly male.

I believe you could tell me that what I've seen is not the norm, or perhaps further clarification is requested (to prevent MANY false assumptions). But to tell me that I'm wrong about things that have happened to others (not just me) is garbage is an ignorant approach (because denying the actions doesn't solve anything).

What is interesting is - I also teach young men and women about music. I would like if my students were recognized because of their ability and talents as a musician, not their gender. Perhaps you're assuming waaaayyyy too much. I believe so.

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