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Originally Posted by JasperGTR View Post
Yes there is. I didn't post it. Please read my posts before making assumptions.
Well, I know you didn't break your typing finger.

I've already stated that I haven't met a female drummer that is on par with other male counterparts. Why must I repeat it for your benefit? I think I was clear the first time.

Again, I ask - is anything I've stated about that inaccurate?

How are my observations, and my interpretation of them - sexist garbage? Simply because you think they are? Your opinion. Does not add thousands of female drummers, or improve the ability of the ones that I've performed with, or watched perform. It just makes you feel better that you live in a perfect world where there just as many female drummers as male drummers.

We don't have to look further than this to explain my point:
Schmuck, you described your own views as sexist more than once. Sexism = garbage, so QED, mf. Further, when you are presented with multiple examples of accomplished female drummers, yet you persist in prattling on about never encountering any that live up to your high standards (which, curiously, you do not apply to your own musicianship), it looks to anyone with eyes attached to a functioning brain rather like you have a sexist axe to grind.
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