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Originally Posted by toddbishop View Post
I'll take your retreat into quibbling over “context”, and legalistic gibberish as an admission that you have no rational defense for your sexist garbage. Your meaning throughout this thread has been plain, with lines like this:

And there's nothing stopping you from reposting that exonerating context, chief. Bring it, or shut up about it.
Yes there is. I didn't post it. Please read my posts before making assumptions.

I've already stated that I haven't met a female drummer that is on par with other male counterparts. Why must I repeat it for your benefit? I think I was clear the first time.

Again, I ask - is anything I've stated about that inaccurate?

How are my observations, and my interpretation of them - sexist garbage? Simply because you think they are? Your opinion. Does not add thousands of female drummers, or improve the ability of the ones that I've performed with, or watched perform. It just makes you feel better that you live in a perfect world where there just as many female drummers as male drummers.

We don't have to look further than this to explain my point:
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