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Hey Paul-
Thanks for the compliments.
Interacting with other musicians is indeed a tough thing to explain. It's kind of like playing catch in a wierd order for it to be successful you have to be dealing with a willing participant who is open to your ideas as well as their own, and they must be willing to elaborate and not attempt to steer things. This also goes for you...
These concepts involve a number of psychological elements that are based OUTSIDE of music. In other words, if someone is the type to dominate a conversation and talk all the time, this usually translates into how they play. They may not be listening to anyone but themselves, or trying to force ideas, etc. Personality is a key part of improv I think. I've worked with some amazing improvisers and they really have the ability to be in the moment and react instinctively without forcing. Flexibility is another aspect of it. Ultimately the best improvisers have a tremendous awareness of the moment and how to interact in it.
This is a very complicated concept to explain.....hopefully that sort of helps....?
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