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Originally Posted by JasperGTR View Post
Like I said - the post I responded to was deleted. So you missed it.

I can't help if you didn't understand that.

I, in no way, ever said that female drummers suck.

Two things I believe you will be unable to do:
#1 Quote me in saying that female drummers suck.
#2 Find the post in which I replied to, that you quoted out of context, because the post was deleted. I cannot help that you missed it.

If you can do either of those, I'd love to entertain this misleading path you seem to be on, or the relevance to the topic.

*edit: I'm not sure how you assumed that I was mediocre or amateur either. I simply stated I was nothing special, and I never hinted at my professional status. BUT - neither one of those qualifications exclude me from being able to discern a good musician from others. Some of the best ears in music can't play to save their lives.

**edit: Isn't the sexism you mentioned directly related to the first post of this thread? Looks like you and the OP are in line. Females announcing 'girl drummer', garnering more hits than male drummers, would fall in to that category, no?
I'll take your retreat into quibbling over “context”, and legalistic gibberish as an admission that you have no rational defense for your sexist garbage. Your meaning throughout this thread has been plain, with lines like this:

I have no doubt of the possibility of a good girl drummer, I just haven't seen one that met my personal expectations.
And there's nothing stopping you from reposting that exonerating context, chief. Bring it, or shut up about it.
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