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Originally Posted by toddbishop View Post
I read everything you wrote, so this “context” shuck and jive is just an attempt to evade responsibility for your words. And whatever happened to “my observations indicate girl drummers suck”? That was your original point here. Why don't you defend that?

First, you need to ask somebody better informed than you what sexism is. Unless they're stealing publicity that would be going to you— or something, I don't pretend to know how you think— it's none of your business. As a mediocre amateur with no public presence as a musician whatsoever, you have no dog in this fight— and you sure as hell don't speak for me.

And who do you think you are, anyway, with this patronizing garbage? Their dad?

Oh, right:
Like I said - the post I responded to was deleted. So you missed it.

I can't help if you didn't understand that.

I, in no way, ever said that female drummers suck.

Two things I believe you will be unable to do:
#1 Quote me in saying that female drummers suck.
#2 Find the post in which I replied to, that you quoted out of context, because the post was deleted. I cannot help that you missed it.

If you can do either of those, I'd love to entertain this misleading path you seem to be on, or the relevance to the topic.

*edit: I'm not sure how you assumed that I was mediocre or amateur either. I simply stated I was nothing special, and I never hinted at my professional status. BUT - neither one of those qualifications exclude me from being able to discern a good musician from others. Some of the best ears in music can't play to save their lives.

**edit: Isn't the sexism you mentioned directly related to the first post of this thread? Looks like you and the OP are in line. Females announcing 'girl drummer', garnering more hits than male drummers, would fall in to that category, no?

How is what I'm suggesting is patronizing in any way? Is anything I'm saying inaccurate? I have not met 6 billion people to take an accurate analysis. I can only use my exposure to base my observations. My observations are accurate according to my perception. No amount of political correctness or other actions can change what has happened around me, and as much as I dislike the outcome, it will not stop me from voicing my interpretation of those observations.

To add - this topic has intrigued me (I've realized that I'm not the only one who sees this way - out of those who aren't out to make the world a fair place). I've asked a few people (without attempting to skew their responses, although hard to do, without asking the question properly) what they think about female drummers. The answers have been entertaining.

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