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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name: Stephan Trimbos

Age: 43

How long have you been playing: A lot until I turned 18. Had to sell the kit to pay for driving lessons. Tried again in '92 on an electronic kit due to living in a flat, but that didn't work out. Now my 7 year daughter started playing....and I purchased a new kit to accommodate her...

Origin of user name: English translation of my family name

Your top 5 drummers: In order : Won't go there: too many, all so much better than me.

Make of drumkit: Roland TD11 practice kit

Make of cymbal: Roland

Where do you practice: My daughters' room

Are you in a band: No

Do you play covers or originals: Starting up again with drumless tracks

What style of music: Rock, funk.

Favourite take out food: Chinese

What country do you live in: The Netherlands

One really odd fact about yourself: I love shopping with my girls

How did you start drumming: Since I was 4, I hit every pan in the house. Joined the local marching band as that was the only way to start drumming back then. Purchased my first kit at 11 and self tutored the hell out of me. To no avail. Mediocre at best, but having a lot of fun trying. Played in bands, at school and even national television with a rockabilly band... Haha.
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