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Originally Posted by Zero Mercury Drummer View Post
I love seeing girl drummers, just because there are not that many of them.

The ability of a female to generate interest with her looks is offset by the additional challenges that face girl drummers. It's still a male-dominated industry. So call it a draw. Can't do anything about it anyhow, most attractive females will utilize their looks in any type of stage career. As they should.

Cindy Blackman, Hillary Jones and Terry Lynne Carrington are respected female drummers that come to mind, and not for their looks. Although they are all very attractive.
"Male dominated industry" is an interesting subject. I have a very "Womens lib" daughter and we have had many in depth discussions on the subject. Is drumming male dominated because women drummers are excluded, or is it because women dont aspire to be drummers as much as males do?
Personally I doubt a woman would be excluded from a job in the music industry If she were a good enough musician. Please tell me I am not wrong.
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