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Originally Posted by JasperGTR View Post
I believe you've misinterpreted my point. It's one thing to say - drummer, it's another to self-advertise - 'Girl Drummer'. Two completely different qualifiers.

There are women that drum, and market themselves as - good female drummers. What kind of classification is that? Are you good or not? What difference does it matter if you're female or not?

I believe in one thing such as press, but if you saw the post in which I commented (which was removed), you'd probably take these words in the correct context. Unfortunately, this did not happen.
I read everything you wrote, so this “context” shuck and jive is just an attempt to evade responsibility for your words. And whatever happened to “my observations indicate girl drummers suck”? That was your original point here. Why don't you defend that?

The people who post the vids and then title them "Girl Drummers (for their age)" are the ones who are sexist. You should get them to read threads like this - and they should learn that if they want to be recognized as a drummer, they should pursue their talents, and not rely on their gender to self-promote.
First, you need to ask somebody better informed than you what sexism is. Unless they're stealing publicity that would be going to you— or something, I don't pretend to know how you think— it's none of your business. As a mediocre amateur with no public presence as a musician whatsoever, you have no dog in this fight— and you sure as hell don't speak for me.

And who do you think you are, anyway, with this patronizing garbage? Their dad?

Oh, right:

I, admittedly, look at 'girl' drummers with a different set of expectations (sexism at its worst), not unlike a parent looking at a child's artwork compared to an accomplished artist, we are impressed because the standard is lower.
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