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Originally Posted by toddbishop View Post
That's a new one on me. I've never heard of the “being female and good looking” card. I guess if they ugly themselves up before hitting the stage that would sit better with you? That should go over well.

I guess I need to introduce you to something you've never heard of, which I like to call “show” business. I hear that for participants (known as “performers”), getting their videos watched and getting their photo in the press are actually good things. It's known as “publicity” and these so-called PER-FOR-MERS (excuse me, I sometimes over-enunciate when pronouncing exotic words) actually use it to advance their “careers.”

Seriously, community? WITF are you talking about?
I believe you've misinterpreted my point. It's one thing to say - drummer, it's another to self-advertise - 'Girl Drummer'. Two completely different qualifiers.

There are women that drum, and market themselves as - good female drummers. What kind of classification is that? Are you good or not? What difference does it matter if you're female or not?

I believe in one thing such as press, but if you saw the post in which I commented (which was removed), you'd probably take these words in the correct context. Unfortunately, this did not happen.
Originally Posted by toddbishop View Post
Oh, and does anyone know of a good DRUMMING FORUM on line? I've got some talented female students who want to read about drumming, and I don't need to subject them to a bunch of off topic sexist GARBAGE. Thanks.
The people who post the vids and then title them "Girl Drummers (for their age)" are the ones who are sexist. You should get them to read threads like this - and they should learn that if they want to be recognized as a drummer, they should pursue their talents, and not rely on their gender to self-promote.
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