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I've been a Meshuggahead for so long now I don't even think of Tomas when I try to list my favorite drummers. He finds a class of his own...his name isn't even worth mentioning since all other names after his will be shadowed with doubt.

That was a little too poetic, but anyway, Tomas rules. I know he catches some negative opinions because he's toned down his speed on recent albums. But that's part of the artistic adventure, the ability to change. His groove is stronger than ever, his stead-fast ability to play exactly what's needed for the song is something a lot of metal drummers could pay more attention to. Plus he can STILL pull off his Chaosphere beats for live shows, not to mention songs off of Catch 33. Hearing his live version of Shed is one of my highlights from last year's concerts. The man is incredible.

I can't wait for a new Meshuggah album.

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