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Default Re: Durable stick sugestions. Please help.

Originally Posted by RickP View Post
You may want to take a look at your technique, are you playing through the drums and cymbals ? How tightly are you gripping your sticks ? Are you letting the sticks rebound naturally ? I have seen a LOT of younger unschooled drummers just starting out that break a lot of sticks just for this reason.

Put your drums or practice pad near or mirror or use your cell phone to take a short video of you playing with your normal technique. It may just surprise you. Lots of drummers that break a lot of sticks try to play "through " the drum or cymbal rather than pulling the sound out of the drums. They play the cymbals straight on rather than swiping at them. All these are contributing factors to stick breakage.

Take a look at youtube videos of Tommy Igoe, JoJo Mayer for stick technique tips. They also have excellent instructional DVDs out that are well worth viewing.

Gordy Knudtsen has an excellent DVD package on the push pull technique and others. highly recommended.
I don't think i swipe my cymbals but i do know that my head last ages, I've got 3 months on the ones on there and apart from the paint being shiny where the sticks hit they still look new. As for cymbals i need to rethink the way i set my kit up because i always feel cramped when hitting the crashes. Fitting drum kits in bedrooms is an art. I will watch those videos on youtube too. I've been considering getting a few lessons just to teach me some techniques and stuff.
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