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Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Regarding playing in heals. To me, such players are obviously seeking to place a concentration on their femininity. They're shooting for a certain audience, & looking to amass hits primarily on that basis. You can spot that vibe a mile off. Smiles to camera, hair flicking, low cut top, etc, etc.
Playing in "heals" - nice Freudian slip! I won't even wear heels to weddings and funerals these days let alone when trying to operate pedals. I take off flat sandals before driving, let alone heels. (Funny thing, it's illegal to drive with bare feet but that's how I feel the most control, same with hats and kick).

There's a clip on YT with Sheila E ripping off a solo while wearing a spangly mini dress and heels. How can she play so well in party clothes? That's part of the shtick. How did she do it?

Whatever, as Mary said, girly girls don't feel right unless they're spruced up to some extent. I personally go for comfort over glamour every time but, then again, I'm growing old with a dog.



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