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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...


A little while after I made my last post, it also dawned on me that we were actually saying the same thing, but in such different terms that neither of us realised it.
...guess the joke's on us! =)
I think what we can take away from our conversation, and really, this whole thread, is that Jazz is still accepted and respected by a sizeable section of the population, thus ensuring its survival for at least another generation.


A classic bop tune that's easy to play is Moanin'. you can find it on an album called "Bags Groove".
Another one that is a little more R&B influenced is Lee Morgan's classic "The Sidewinder".
A lot of early bebop isn't too complicated, as it still shows heavy roots in dance music. Plus a lot of seems more "friendly" and less "introverted". This may make it more palatable for the general public.
Read up on the discography's of Dizzy Gillespie, Denzil Best and Tadd Dameron.
These guys were pioneers of the bebop movement.

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