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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

Again, I can't express my appreciation for this thread enough. It's turned me on to some GREAT stuff!

I just made it into a Jazz Combo at school. Since the semester just started, we're picking tunes that we want to play, and we've had some ideas so far for non-jazz songs (Greasy G by Joshua Redman, Sticks and Stones by Ray Charles) but I think the professor is going to want a few swing songs.

This is where I need your guys help. I'm not a great jazz player. I can swing and I can play hits in a big band context, but I don't have great independence (can't really comp melodies as a result), I really can't play in 3/4 or 5/4, etc.

I just need some song suggestions that I can bring in next week that would be doable. Feel free to mention anything that isn't an overdone standard that could be easy enough to play on my part, and would work for the [somewhat odd] instrumentation.

We've got bass, two guitars, keys, and drums.
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