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Originally Posted by Jostne View Post
Yeah, Jasper, getting back to your original point I think I agree with you. Women are gonna stand out because it is still relatively unusual to see a female behind the drums and therefore garner more attention. That and they are better to look at. Well, usually anyway. It's rarer still to see a REALLY GREAT female drummer, too. Not for any reason other than there are less of us around.

And yes, it is MUCH more enjoyable watching a female musician who is GOOD at her instrument. It is like Heaven on Earth.
Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Jasper, no one's arguing against facts, just questioning some of your other comments, like:

I'm a rather ordinary female drummer who would seemingly prove your point. Yet I still can't see the genetics in it - not with drums, not with any instrument. Music is one of the most gender neutral things you can do. Certainly at school the guys on the footy team won't think of the guys in the music room as macho.

Yet, most musicians are male, apart from maybe orchestras. I think the most important reason behind this is that women aren't encouraged to play instruments - we are supposed to sing and dance and look pretty and poised for the guys. While some men dig sweaty Amazons (fortunately), princesses are far more in demand ... and a proper lady does not chuck a spread around a snare drum and get all boisterous and sweaty on the drum kit!

The other reason major reason is that gigging and motherhood are an especially tricky juggle.

It's possible that there may be some minor tendency differences between women and men on the way we play the drums, but I can't see how there could be an aptitude difference. It's environmental.
Wonderful perspective! BUT - I wasn't implying an aptitude difference, but rather merely suggesting that the urge to beat things is an aggressive feature that is normally attributed to the hunter - wondering if there are hormonal differences that activate different triggers in the brain when stimulated, combined with physical traits such as muscular structure. Clearly there are traits defined as either normally masculine or feminine, but that doesn't define whether a man or woman should have either one.

I mean - we all start out as female, and the differences between gender is hormonal from the very beginning. I'm sure it would be interesting to learn that there is a 'nature' aspect of the reason we gravitate towards music in general, and then more specifically - drums.
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