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Originally Posted by MaryO View Post
Here's what I don't get, why is it a crime to want to appear feminine and be a good drummer?. Lord knows I'm a girly girl, look at my avatar, but something like that pic shouldn't take away from my drumming. Just because a girl wants t play in heels or look good while she plays for an audience doesn't mean her playing suffers. If the way she looks closes your ears, that's your prejudice and problem, not hers. A good drummer is a good drummer, period.
Nothing. There is nothing wrong with it. In fact, I believe this is the consensus of most of the members here. It makes sense. But I feel that those who play these cards, aren't interested in becoming a member of a community, rather than get hits on youtube, or photos in a magazine.

It is all too rare. If it happens in front of me - I'll buy you a drink, then tell war stories.

We all appreciate good drummers (competition, inspiration, entertainment, pure musical enjoyment).

The issue we see as qualifiers (or self-designated restrictions), this is not instrument specific, or gender specific, nor is it just music, but life in general.
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