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Default Re: MAD's cartoons & CD covers...


Darth Vader - Himself

Luke Scrapainter - Mad About Drums

Darth Roach - Anon La Ply

Count Druumka - Bernhard

Supreme Chancellor Valodrum - Bermuda

Guru Wan Kenobi - keep it simple

Uncle Yoda - larryace

Matt Solo - Bo Eder

Chewdunca - BacteriumFendYoke

Cyborg-O - MaryO

Qui Ark Jiin - Arky

Mace Basher - Deathmetalconga

Jug Jug Jiggs - Gruntersdad

Crappa The Hat - Dr Watso

Lando "The Gentleman" - Ian Williams

Watto "The Junk Dealer" - Bobdadruma

PF-OG 3 - Pocket-full-of-gold

G4 D4 - Anthony Amodeo

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